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Product Liability - Other
No. 93-1007
9 F.3d 303 (1993) | Cited 60 times
... Opinion OF THE COURT SLOVITER, Chief Judge. In this appeal we must determine, apparently for the first time by an appellate court, whether the amendment to the diversity jurisdiction statute defining a permanent resident alien as a citizen for diversity purposes gives a federal court subject ...
No. 09 C 7239
2010 | Cited 0 times
... MEMORANDUM OPINION This case comes before the court on the motion of Defendant Motorola, Inc. (Motorola) to dismiss all claims against it pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 8 and 12(b)(6) and the motion of Plaintiffs Rosilene Hemme, et al. ("Plaintiffs") to reconsider our prior ruling dismissing ...
376 F. Supp. 603 (1974) | Cited 0 times
... ORMA R. SMITH, District Judge. This diversity action involves, in part, the so-called "second accident" doctrine of Mississippi products liability law. The action is now before the court upon motion of the defendant, Cessna Aircraft Corporation (Cessna), for partial summary judgment. Plaintiffs ...
781 F. Supp. 1166 (1992) | Cited 0 times
... OPINION This action involved allegations that plaintiff, a black male, while a customer in defendant's store, suffered a back injury when a display chair in which he was sitting collapsed. At the close of all the evidence, plaintiff moved for a directed verdict on the theory of strict liability, ...
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