The Benefits of Legal Document Automation: Why Every Law Firm Should Consider It

Creating legal documents is a necessary but grueling task every law firm must accomplish. Why not explore some options that could make it easier?

Legal document automation is making document creation easier for lawyers so they can focus on what’s most important, their clients.

What Is Legal Document Automation?

Legal document automation is a software or digital platform that uses AI and other technologies to create flawless legal documents and contracts.

Legal contract generating programs use a variety of templates to create formal, error-free documents and contracts. Some legal document automation give you the option of building documents and contracts from scratch.

You can create, edit, and manage documents and contracts with legal document automation.

How Does Legal Document Automation Work?

Legal document automation works by using the existing data in a law firm’s database and automatically applying it to documents.

To create contracts with your clients’ information, you must first upload your client database to the software and integrate any customer management systems you use. It’s a simple process that takes minutes. This technology eliminates the need to manually type in each client’s information.

Do I Need Legal Document Automation?

Every law firm should consider using legal document automation, especially if it’s a larger law firm or if the client load is overwhelming.

On average, lawyers can cut the time they spend creating legal contracts in half by using legal document automation.

Benefits Of Legal Document Automation

Besides the benefit of making work easier, there are many other benefits of using legal document automation. Some advantages of using a legal contract generating software are:

Easier documentation

Since legal document automation offers AI-powered word processing and templates, creating documents and contracts is simpler.

This software makes document creation easier by integrating your customer management systems. Simply upload your database using your CMS or other programs online.

Legal document automation eliminates the need to manually type in information and print contracts, wasting paper and ink. Some software allows law firms to send clients contracts using other programs, so clients can to sign contracts digitally, making it easier for both parties.

Fewer Errors

Since there’s no need to manually plug-in information and most software and programs are AI-integrated, legal document automation eliminates human error and helps lawyers create more formal contracts and documents.


Legal document automation allows you to integrate your customer management systems and any other systems that’ll make document and contract creation easier.

Some legal document automation programs offer online integration, which makes for easier uploading, sharing, exchanging, or reviewing. Simply send documents and contracts via email or any other platform you use to make workflow more efficient.

Saves Time

Legal document automation software will save your law firm time. Using this AI-based software allows attorneys to save time. Legal document automation does the work or plugging in the information necessary to create documents or contracts with a click of a button.

Saves Money

Using legal document automation saves your firm money. Not only will you save money on labor costs, you’ll also save money because it’s not necessary for you to print each document or contract you create.

Saves Resources

Legal document automation eliminates the need to print and scan documents which saves paper, ink, and other resources your law firm uses.


Legal document automation not only makes document and contract creation more efficient, but it also makes workflow more efficient.


Legal document generation software allows you to streamline your business procedures and make the work day easier and more productive.

Enhanced Workflow

Automated document creation increases workflow and frees you from the task of creating documents and contracts manually.

Better Experiences

Because you can quickly send documents and contracts with a click of a button, you’ll not only enhance your experiences at work but also enhance your customer experiences with your law firm.


Legal document automation systems are created with advanced administration features to keep your sensitive information safe.

Some legal document automation software allows you to create passkeys or require a sign-in to access information.

Before purchasing a contract automation system, ensure that the software offers adequate security for your business. You may need to explore plan options to get advanced security features, but it’ll be worth the time and price, especially since your client information is sensitive.


Legal document automation allows you to personalize each contract or documents to fit your needs.

Being able to customize your contracts and documents not only gives you the opportunity to market your business, but make your law firm stand out from your competitors.

Contact Management

Legal document automation is a great way to manage your contracts and keep client information organized all in one place, automatically and efficiently.

Document Optimization

Legal document automation optimizes your documents, making each contract and document as simple and forward as possible.

This document generating software also makes document creation more optimized by integrating AI and taking the guesswork out of creating contracts.

Things To Consider

When searching for contract automation options, consider the following things; price, software developer, and the software itself.


Remember, the better the features, the stronger the security, and the more advanced the automation is, the higher the price. You’re ultimately paying for quality.

Since legal document automation plans range from basic to elite, there will be a software or program option within your budget.

Before making a purchase, research your options. Some sites provide side-by-side comparisons so you can compare features, plans and prices with each legal document automation software available.


Consider the company that created the legal document automation before making a selection. Ask yourself, is the provider a reputable company? Are they experienced in developing such programs?

Research each company and compare options before making a final decision. This will help you get the best legal document automation available and eliminate purchasing one you may regret in the future.

Automation Program

If the software allows you a free trial or to book a demo, sign up and see what that specific legal document automation offers.

Ask yourself, is the software efficient? Does the software offer everything I need to create documents and contracts that work for my law firm?

Also ask, will this legal document automation program make my job easier? How will this software make workflow more efficient? How will it improve my client relations?


Legal document generation systems offer various plans that will benefit your law firm. Whether you need a basic or platinum plan, research your options before making a selection.

Basic plans start with the most basic features and automation systems. If you’re in need of a more advanced system, explore your options further and see what other plans are available.

It’s not necessary to get the most expensive plan with the best features, unless of course you need it. You can choose an affordable plan with all the features you need without getting the most premium package.


Each legal document automation software is different, but all of them offer features that could benefit you and provide your law firm with advantages that others cannot.

Be sure to conduct a side-by-side comparison and evaluate what features would make document creation easier and your workflow more efficient.


Each legal document automation offers different templates. Ask yourself, does the software offer templates that compliment the type of contracts or documents I’m trying to create?

Depending on the documents and contracts you need for your law firm, choose a plan or program that works for you. There is the option of customizing your own documents from scratch.


If you have a larger law firm, ensure that the software you purchase allows for multiple users. You may need to explore plan options


Having the right amount of storage for your client base is key for legal document automation. Consider the size of your client database and how many contracts or documents you create on a daily or weekly basis. This will help you decide what storage plan will work best for your company.

Some plans don’t offer storage or only offer limited storage. Ensure you know what your plan provides and the features it offers before making a final decision.


If your law firm has been in business for several years or you need an archiving feature, ensure the legal document automation software provides it before purchasing. This feature allows you to put your contracts and documents into a safe place in your account within the software or program. If the legal document automation option you select is entirely online, make sure you integrate other systems your law firm uses to ensure your information is safe.

Archiving is a great feature to have because it stores all the documents you don’t use anymore. However, if you ever needed to revert back to it or a client rehires you, you can pull their contract or their document from the archives and reuse it.