4 Services Your Law Firm Should Outsource

Law firms are full of activities, and although most of the work goes into lawyers, not all of it has to be done by an attorney. Legal outsourcing is a perfect way for your law firm to save time and money, deepen your expertise and monitor your expenses closely. Before you enlist a third party’s help, you need to sit down and assess your firm’s unique needs and goals. Here are four services your law firm should consider for outsourcing.

1.   Legal answering service

Hiring a receptionist just to answer phone calls is a luxury most small law firms can’t afford. Furthermore, you are likely too busy with community service to answer every phone yourself. However, your business will suffer if you don’t pick up the phone every time a client or prospect calls. Not answering a call creates an impression that you don’t care, and this negative experience can make clients more likely to call another responsive firm.

Fortunately, there are available resources to help prevent calls from going unanswered. Outsourcing a legal answering service with a call center or virtual receptionist can help establish a positive impression that clients will remember and capture every growth opportunity. Hiring the best legal answering service can truly benefit overall business communication, which is a win-win for all parties involved.

2.   IT services

To remain fast and efficient, consider outsourcing to an IT service provider, also known as an alternative legal service provider (ALSP). Even if your in-house team offers IT help, you may be stuck waiting for the tech guy or dealing with a cyber attack.

Depending on the size of the IT company, you may even have IT gurus available 24/7. That is better than waiting two to three hours for someone to come to your office. An outsourced IT service provider can offer security solutions and malware protection, web and email hosting, domain management, and desktop support for the snags and errors that are prone to occur.

3.   Bookkeeping

For most businesses, including law firms outsourcing their bookkeeping tasks is the best course of action. It allows you to put more time and focus into improving your firm and offering impeccable services to your clients.

The legal industry is very competitive, so you will want every second you get to go beyond your service in order to maintain an advantage over your competitors. Time spent reviewing your books could be used on other essential tasks, such as client retention and additional marketing.

4.   Marketing

Marketing is one of the most critical aspects of every business, especially if you want to attract new clients. However, the marketing industry has changed a lot over the years, and gone are the days when law firms used to put up a billboard or buy some ad space in the local newspaper or magazine and wait for new clients.

Today, companies must invest in forward-focused online marketing strategies such as social media, SEO, and email marketing. Information should be accessible on your firm’s website 24/7. Fortunately, you can outsource these services to experts to help you with marketing.


Outsourcing some tasks can make your law firm more efficient and successful. Taking work out of your lawyer’s and other employees’ hands will free up their time to be more client-driven and focused. It can also reduce costs and prevent your attorneys from wasting time on dead-end work.