Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Accidents have no alert systems to inform the victim that they will happen. Pedestrians get blamed for crossing the street without checking for oncoming traffic, while others are hit-and-run victims.

This blog post will discuss car accidents involving pedestrians.

Causes of Pedestrian Car Accidents

There are various causes of pedestrian car accidents. Some of them include the following;

Putting on a Dark Outfit at Night

The number of pedestrian accidents tends to increase every day. If you intend to walk at night, wear light-colored clothing and have a pocket flashlight when crossing the street.

Even though most junctions and crosswalks are illuminated by flashing lights and street lamps, motorists cannot easily distinguish pedestrians in dark backgrounds. Drivers should also anticipate seeing people on the roadways at night and be cautious of them.

Left Turning Vehicles

There is no guarantee that cars will follow the present crosswalk signals. Drivers may be focused on navigating crowded junctions while focusing on the road straight ahead, putting pedestrians at risk of being hit by left-turning cars or semi-trucks.

Therefore, if you are involved in such accidents, you may reach out to a semi-truck accident lawyer to defend you during trials in court.

Intoxicated Drivers

Everyone on the road is at risk when a driver is intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics, but pedestrians are particularly vulnerable.

Accidents involving pedestrians can happen when intoxicated drivers ignore traffic signals and crosswalks or turn left immediately in front of a crowd walking.

Poor Weather

A car may find it difficult or impossible to stop in time to allow a pedestrian to pass, especially if the weather conditions are unfavorable. The poor weather conditions, including snow, ice, and rain, can cause cars or large trucks to hit a pedestrian because of the poor visibility. You must understand various safety measures when crossing such roads.

Unfocused Drivers

Drivers who text or talk on their cell phones endanger other drivers and pedestrians. However, there are incidents where pedestrians use digital gadgets while crossing the street.

The bottom line is to avoid using electronic gadgets while walking or driving in traffic, especially for truck drivers who drive past 11 hours, as they may also lose focus and hit pedestrians.

Arterial/Multi-Lane Roads

Pedestrians may be in danger on arterial roads. Lane changes by drivers, speeding, and tailgating are issues that drivers must think about when using the road. Most often, drivers don’t pay attention to traffic signals or even look out for pedestrians.


One of the main factors contributing to pedestrian accidents is carelessness on the part of both drivers and pedestrians. Pedestrians may be in danger from drivers who do not watch for pedestrians or drive recklessly through crosswalks.


The number of car accidents involving pedestrians is on the rise, and this is a trend that needs to be addressed to protect all involved parties. Remember to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to pedestrians, who are often less visible than you think.