Top 10 LinkedIn Immigration Lawyers To Follow 

LinkedIn is one of the most underrated Applications for Business Development and obtaining the Latest Immigration News & Updates. However, it has top-notch commentary and insight. A few Immigration Attorneys are using the platform exceptionally well. Here is the Immigration Lawyers Toolbox Top-10 Immigration Lawyers To Follow in 2020:

1) Robert Webber: Bob is a Partner at Dorsey & Whitney LLP. You can find interesting and humorous commentaries on immigration matters and general content that will always make you think. You’ll look forward to seeing his daily posts.

2) Daniel Horne: Partner at Jackson & Hertogs LLP, with over 20 years of experience in the field. Daniel has frequent updates and commentary about the latest events related to Immigration New and Agencies. 

3) Christy Turovskiy: An Immigration Attorney at Hammon Neal Moore, LLC, Christy is an excellent resource for updates on Business-Based immigration.

4) Dobrina M. Ustan: Founder of Ustun Law Group, PLLC, Dobrina offers regular commentary on updates on the numerous Travel Bans the Administration has instituted, along with other posts affecting International Students, Investors and more interesting posts about the lighter side of U.S. Immigration.

5) Cyrus Mehta: Managing Partner of Cyrus D. Mehta & Partners PLLC, Cyrus has a long-running blog that is on LinkedIn too, making it easier to keep up on his deep insight and analysis.

6) Joseph Grasmick: Owner of the Law Office of Joseph Grasmick, Joseph is an excellent resource for Cross-Border US-Canadian Immigration issues and an expert in Niche marketing. 

7) Liam Schwartz: Head, Corporate Immigration Practice, Goldfarb Seligman & Co., Law Offices in Israel, Liam is one of the most knowledgeable Immigration Attorneys in the Department of State (DOS)/Consular Processing Affairs. He provides the latest updates in the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), DOS Processing, and generally gathering the latest announcements from Consular Websites and Social Media in one place.

8) Ron Matten: Founder of Mattenlaw, Ron has experience working in a large volume and concierge practice, using occurring edge digital technology to streamline his practice. He also launched The Startup Law Academy, an accelerator program for the next generation of lawyers and law companies. 

9) Roman Zelichenko: Roman is an Ex-immigration Lawyer, now specializing in Immigration Law Tech and Marketing, and a LinkedIn Influencer. You will get a myriad of benefits from different aspects of the practice and business law from his posts.

10) Alexandra “Ally” Lozano: Founder of AMIGA Lawyers and Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law, PLLC, not only a well-known practitioner but also a business influencer with several books and programs helping colleagues in our field to take their practices to the next level.

*Honorary Mention: find the latest Immigration Law Practice news, updates, interviews and more on the Immigration Lawyers Toolbox® LinkedIn Page