Three Common Mistakes People Make When Filing For Immigration

Immigrating to the United States for a job opportunity or studies can be thrilling because of the new environment. However, your excitement will be dampened if you do not follow the immigration process correctly. A slight mistake can lead to your application being rejected since many people apply for immigration. Thus, it would be best to find good immigration lawyers to help you with the application. These attorneys know the documents required for the application, and they can spot the wording errors in your submission form. Here are three common mistakes one makes when filing for immigration. 

Ignoring One’s Criminal Record

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) reviews immigration applications. Thus, this agency checks the applicants’ criminal records as part of the evaluation. They cannot accept your application if you have been involved in a major crime to boost national security. As such, consulting various immigration lawyers is a good way to know your criminal record. They will evaluate your record and advise you on how to navigate the application process based on your criminal history. These attorneys will also prepare you on how to answer the USCIS’s questions on your crimes if you have a criminal record. 

Not Submitting All the Paperwork

One must submit various documents other than the government form to complete the immigration application. These additional documents depict your intentions of immigrating to the United States. For instance, you may be required to attach the university acceptance document to prove you are moving to the U.S. to study. Thus, you will need immigration lawyers to check all your paperwork before submitting them. They will also advise you on other documents you can include to improve your application. For example, if you are immigrating to the U.S. to be with your spouse, these lawyers may advise you to attach your marriage certificate to prove the marriage is legal. Thus, these immigration attorneys will ensure your application contains all the required documents to complete it. 

Submitting Untranslated Documents

The immigration application form and all the supporting documents must be in English. The USCIS may reject untranslated documents because it is strenuous to find translators to translate different languages. For instance, you must include the translation for your foreign birth certificate and it should be certified to prove its accuracy. Thus, immigration lawyers will help you with the certification process. They will advise you on what should be included in the certification to verify its legitimacy. The immigration attorneys will ensure all the application documents are in the correct language. 

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