AnyLaw Partners with Traklight to Provide Free Risk Assessments

New York, NY July 28, 2022 – AnyLaw, the free and friendly legal research platform, announced today that it has a partnered with Traklight, to offer a simple and affordable way to identify risks and create a roadmap including valuable asset management, directly from the AnyLaw website.

“With the focus on small and medium sized business, the Traklight service is perfect for the AnyLaw user base,” said Steve Tover, AnyLaw CEO. “By offering a free Traklight business risk assessment, our users will be able to identify business risks, IP and potential legal issues, and have the opportunity to learn about Traklight’s additional services.”

Traklight is the only self-guided software platform to identify and capture the value of ideas and intellectual property for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). In addition to helping SMBs and investors accurately identify potential intangible assets, Traklight licenses its platform to attorneys, other professionals, and software platforms to streamline the client education and intake process, prequalify and educate customers, and generate additional billable hours or revenue. Traklight recently created a short online risk assessment for personal legal matters that helps people understand where a lawyer can help them with current challenges.

“We are excited about partnering with AnyLaw to make Traklight easily accessible for consumers, SMBs, and attorneys alike,” said Traklight founder and CEO, Mary Juetten. “AnyLaw is all about providing free access to resources in the legal space, and we think that by working together we can help more people uncover their legal needs and learn more about their valuable assets. Too often people and businesses do not understand where a lawyer can help them.”

Here are some of the things AnyLaw users will have access to:

  • Small Business Checkup – Free online business risk assessment
  • IP Checkup– discounted annual access to Traklight’s ID your IP that identifies, manages, and helps protect your intangibles and IP.
  • Personal Legal Checkup – Free online checkup to uncover areas where lawyers can help.

About AnyLaw

AnyLaw is a dynamic new way to do legal research. AnyLaw is a free and friendly legal research platform with full coverage of US state and federal case law, that gives you unlimited access to massive amounts of valuable legal data, organized in a way that will save you time and money. Our massive library is comprised of data drawn from a multitude of resources and includes archival and current caselaw, as well as just released slip opinions, all accessible under leading-edge search technology. Find out more at

About Traklight

Traklight is the only self-guided software platform that helps users identify risk and legal issues with a roadmap to resources. Unlimited access to a free business risk assessment creates a roadmap for solo entrepreneurs and small and medium size businesses and the full platform allows for intellectual property (IP) identification and protection. Professionals can use Traklight’s business, IP, and personal legal checkups to educate and generate leads. Find out more at