2003 | Cited 0 times | D. Maine | April 23, 2003


The United States Magistrate Judge filed with the court on March 21, 2003, with copies to counsel, his Recommended Decision on Cross-Motions for Summary Judgment (Docket Item 59 (sealed version) and Docket Item 62 (expanded public version)). The plaintiff and third-party defendant filed an objection to the Recommended Decision on April 4, 2003. I have reviewed and considered the Recommended Decision (sealed version), together with the entire record; I have made a de novo determination of all matters adjudicated by the Recommended Decision; and I concur with the recommendations of the United States Magistrate Judge for the reasons set forth in his Recommended Decision, and determine that no further proceeding is necessary. 2 It is therefore ORDERED that the Recommended Decision of the Magistrate Judge is hereby ADOPTED. The plaintiff's motion for summary judgment is GRANTED as to Counts I and IV of the Counterclaim and otherwise is DENIED. The defendants' motion for summary judgment is GRANTED with respect to (i) Standard I/O, Inc., as to Counts I and III of the Complaint; (ii) Chunn, as to Count I of the Complaint to the extent the claimed violation of the UTSA is predicated on the existence of GUIDs of the Chunn HDD; (iii) both Standard and Chunn, as to Counts II, IV, VII and VIII of the Complaint and that portion of Count VI of the Complaint asserting violation of an implied warranty/services; and (iv) Count II of the Counterclaim; and otherwise DENIED.

Remaining for trial are the following: Count I of the Complaint (misappropriation of trade secrets) against Chunn only, with the caveat that Pearl is precluded from premising any such claim on contents found on the HDD; Count III of the Complaint (violation of the DMCA) against Chunn only; Count V of the Complaint (breach of contract) against both Standard and Chunn; Count VI of the Complaint (breach of warranty/services) against both Standard and Chunn, to the extent asserting breach of express warranty only; and Count II of the Counterclaim, with respect only to the amount of damages to be awarded Chunn.


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