Esso Standard Oil Co. v. Secatore's Inc.

246 F.2d 17 (1957) | Cited 30 times | First Circuit | June 14, 1957

Before WOODBURY and HARTIGAN, Circuit Judges, and ALDRICH, District Judge.

Opinion of the Court on Petition for Rehearing

WOODBURY, Circuit Judge:

In the majority opinion of the court and also in Judge Aldrich's concurring opinion it is stated in substance that the plaintiff-appellant did not ask the court below for injunctive relief limited to the separate class of business for which it and the defendant-appellee were not in either actual or potential competition. On this petition for rehearing the plaintiff-appellant asserts that actually it did ask the court below for such limited relief and that the court denied it, and it points to the typewritten transcript to prove its assertion. For relief it asks us to amend out opinions to conform to the fact thus established and for leave to add to the record appendix to its brief by printing as a supplement thereto the portions of the typewritten record on which it relies.

Our Rule 24(1) permitting appellants to proceed on record appendices to their briefs requires that relevant docket entries, the charge or judgment below, and certain other matters, be printed therein, and also "such other parts of the record, material to the questions presented, as the appellant or petitioner deems it essential for the judges of the court to read in order to decide those questions." Certainly whether the plaintiff-appellant asked the District Court for the limited injunctive relief which is asserted on appeal it was entitled to is material. The plaintiff-appellant should, therefore, have printed in its original appendix the matter which it now asks for leave to print in a supplement. While we are free if we wish to scan the original record made in the court below, we are not under any obligation to thumb through that often voluminous record to see whether an appellant has failed to print in the appendix to his brief some part of it material to the questions he presents to us on appeal. Were that our duty the appendix system would have little or no point. It is the appellant's duty to print in his appendix the parts of the record essential for us to read in order to decide the questions he presents, and if he fails to do so, he runs the risk of coming before this court on an inadequate record on appeal.

However, we are disposed to be lenient in this particular case, for even though we did not accord controlling significance to the appellant's failure to ask the court below for limited injunctive relief, which we assumed from the record appendix to its brief to be the fact, we nevertheless see no reason why the relief for which it asks in this petition for rehearing should not be granted to the end that the actual fact may appear on the records of this court.

Leave is granted to the plaintiff-appellant to file a supplemental record appendix to its brief in the form submitted with its petition for rehearing, and an order will be entered denying the petition for rehearing.

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